Thursday, June 14, 2018

Forty-Five Things I Learned In The Gulag

Amazingly, none of them involved 'Socialism, Comrade!'  Except for the beatings and deaths and disease and....

Speaking of socialism,
* According to Gallup, Venezuela is now the least safe place in the world, having tumbled below Afghanistan in the rankings. Only 17% of Venezuelans say they feel safe walking alone at night.

* Polio has re-emerged in Venezuela, 30 years after it was declared extinct there. The country’s health care system is verging on non-existent, as hospitals not only have run out of medicines, in some instances they don’t even have running water.

* Venezuela is said to have more proven oil reserves than any other country, but its socialist government can’t keep the petroleum flowing, as pretty much everyone who is competent enough to do so has left the country. As a result, Venezuela’s oil exports are heading toward zero.
But I'm sure someone will be along to assure us that this isn't REAL socialism.

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