Saturday, June 16, 2018

"We have to do something! is either stupid or an excuse

for another way of screwing people.  Enter the Evil Party and the BATFE:
What's a politician to do when it's clear that people will vigorously resist attempts to restrict their lives? Well, you could empower government officials to arbitrarily punish anybody who might help them exercise their freedom. That's the approach favored by three Democratic members of Congress, who appear to see the path to limiting private firearms ownership in harassing gun dealers and subjecting them to the whims of government officials.

Not that they're the only legislators to wield regulations as bludgeons, but it's always a lousy idea.
Brought to you by the same kind of asshats who thought Gunwalker was a wonderful thing, and blamed 'Racism!' and 'You don't CARE!' for the criticism of it.

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