Monday, June 11, 2018

Remember an officer named Bateman

who insisted he was a death-planning weapons expert who wanted to help take arms from our dead hands?  Well, his successor has been chosen by the anti-rights people, and her name is Becky Margiotta.  Who bases her expertise in "You commoners should not be able to own these guns!" on statements like
Following graduation from West Point, I commanded two Special Operations companies – small forces structured to complete the most physically and politically challenging missions. Multiple times a year, year after year, we underwent recertification on the weapons that were most central to our mission. Going to the range was treated with the utmost of gravity and military discipline. There was no joking around on the range. Every single round of ammunition was accounted for every single time.
Slight problem(one of many): I don't know a lot about military setups, but I damned well do know that a new officer fresh out of West Point is NOT given command of a company.  Let alone a SpecOps company.  Two of them?  A whiff of bullshit is in the air.

Mentioned this on bookface, and two people with serious military experience- well, let us say they called it as not a whiff, but a full-out chemical weapons-level stink of rancid shite.

So this is a face Watts/Bloomberg & Co. will be pushing as 'Another veteran who says "I'm and expert and I say ban these!" ' 

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Anonymous said...

Was she in charge of two companies of 'comfort women' or did this all take part in her mind.