Friday, May 18, 2018

"Yeah, she destroyed the ballots, but

there are scans so it's no big deal."
Oh, yes it is.  And this dirtbag should be fired and prosecuted for it.

That mess with Correia being disinvited from a gaming con because "He's evil and makes me feel unsafe!" ?  Well, he did an update to the fisking(four freakin' years ago!) that turns out to be behind the head screecher's anger.  A taste:
Since then I learned the following facts: A. The angry harpy is the fiance of the poor victimized guy who wrote this article about all those meany mean face racist gamers whose hatemongery haunts him so. 

B. Which is kind of funny, since apparently the guy who wrote this is the son of a man so rich that there is a Wikipedia page about how rich he is, and when you type his name into Google, autofilll completes it with “net worth”. 

No. I shit you not. His dad is like a billionaire. Which puts this fisking into a whole new perspective. He was so picked on! Such angst! How dare I disagree with his illogical angsty screed from my position of privilege! (snort). Daddy probably had to buy him a new Ferrari to cheer him up.
Go take a look, it gets better.

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Anonymous said...

Laws aren't for progressives they are for peons. We all know she destroyed them because they rigged the election and where about to be found out.