Monday, May 14, 2018

But- but gun owners and concealed carriers are all old fat white men!

The bigots and hoplophobes and racists tell us so!

Which just means they're, once again, full of shit.

At this point, would anyone be surprised?
If this report proves to be correct, it will mean - in so many words - that the FBI, the USA's premier law enforcement agency, was suborned and taken over for partisan political purposes by the Obama administration.  That will be catastrophic for the FBI's reputation, so much so that the agency may not survive in its present form.  It would join the IRS as being irreparably harmed by the taint of corruption for political purposes.
The EffingBI is whining that all the reporting on this, and Trump tweeting about it, keeps harming their reputation; well, if you weren't run by a bunch of arrogant "I am the Law!" corrupt assholes, that would help a lot.

And, let's not forget, there had to be a lot of those(we're told) sterling field agents involved in all this crap.  And the lab scandals.  And the "We don't record interviews except on paper" bullshit.  Do a bit of cleaning in your own damned house, that might help.

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