Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Worst national socialists ever

Comparing Haley to Hitler for defending Jews. Yep, that's mainstream leftism alright.
It's also our crop of hysterical leftists.

It's not a question of whether Brennan and Clapper are liars; it's figuring out what they might not be lying about.

There is a stinking mess going on with a gaming convention called Origins.  Short version:
Origins advertised Larry Correia as a guest of honor.
A few SJBs screamed because "Makes me feel unsafe!  Bigot!  Racist!"
Idiot running con panics and uninvites Larry.
Fans react as you'd expect.
Con now deleting and blocking things, trying to act like he was never invited, and slandering fans.  A more complete rundown of this mess here.

As has been noted, this crap isn't just SJBs whining and bitching, it's a direct attack on the ability of some authors to make a living because they're guilty of Thought Crimes.  And, whether they realized it or not, this is going to hit vendors at the con because people DON'T come because they can't meet Larry(Or John Ringo at ConCarolinas, same kind of bullshit).

One more thing, as Michael Williamson has pointed out:
You must assume their intent is to lay groundwork to CREATE a scene they can attempt to blame the guest, or you, for.
And, considering the antics of Antifa and associates, they might well be trying to provoke a situation so they can assault someone and then cry "I'm a victim!"  And every time a con caves to "He makes me feel unsafe!" and such bullshit, they're going to escalate because "It worked!  Let's keep pushing!"

EVERYTHING is political with these asshats, including their tender feelings, and they truly believe* their feelings outweigh EVERYTHING else.  And they're going to keep pushing it until they hit a wall and the wall hits back.

*That's not counting the ones who know it's bullshit, but very useful bullshit for the left.

Speaking of the left,
TODAY IS THE 52nd ANNIVERSARY OF THE BEGINNING OF THE GREAT PROLETARIAN CULTURAL REVOLUTION: The consensus minimum death toll figure for that period in Chinese history is 400,000. Jung Chang and Jon Halliday place the number at up to three million in Mao: The Unknown Story.
The leftists think it was all justified and wonderful(possibly "It just didn't go far enough!").  The current problem being that it sounds a lot like many colleges:
In the coming months, things spun out of control. Red Guard students (often financed by the Party) were instructed to attack the “Four Olds”—old customs, cultures, habits and ideas. And attack they did. Entire libraries, temples, monasteries and mosques were destroyed. Clergy were arrested and sent off to camps. The national police chief declared that it was “no big deal” if Red Guards were beating “bad people” to death. Countless enemies of the people were denounced, humiliated, and made to confess their sins.
They haven't managed to burn many places yet, but the denouncing/humiliating/forced confessions have been common.  Along with assaults(then claiming them as 'defending ourselves against their badthoughts').  We've got the New Red Guard running around, it's just that most of them aren't honest enough to say outright what they are.

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