Tuesday, May 01, 2018

Still don't overly give a damn, but

some of this ought to be passed around.

A little more of what a bastard that leftist hero FDR was.
...They make it clear that the question of where to settle the Jews had been on FDR’s mind for years. While he was uncertain about whether they would be better off on the slopes of the Andes or the savannahs of central Africa, there was one place he knew he didn’t want them: the United States of America.

That self- and Democrat-proclaimed paragon of virtue Comey: not hardly.

Appears we're in a real solar minimum, with all that that might mean.

Three things about the current mess at the EffingBI.

Ah, Starbucks; they'll use you for their own purposes, and the more you crawl for them, the worse it'll get.  You're now basically taking orders from some people who hate Jews.

Preparing for school shootings and similar:
The lessons here were many and fairly obvious.  Sitting around waiting to be shot is a recipe for disaster.  Movement is good, distractions are good, fighting back is good, and combinations of all three is even better.

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