Sunday, April 29, 2018

No. HELL no.

And that's just a start.

A 'gun nut' wrote a piece for Politico on 'gun control that works'.  It's nothing new, it's been proposed before: 'Don't license guns, license gun owners.'  His has one change: "You only need a license for semi-auto firearms."

I'll skip over various objections to this crap, and go straight to one of his answers:
Objection: Gun ownership is a constitutional right, and we don’t license constitutional rights. You don’t need a special license for free speech, for instance.
Me: You wouldn’t need a license to own lots and lots of guns of different types under this scheme, either. You would just need a license to own semi-autos, just like you need a license to broadcast over certain parts of the public airways.
 "Hey, we're only licensing PART of your right, not all of it!  And this will never be used as a wedge to license everything else, we promise!"  Yeah.  We can trust that.  Sure. 

Here's your problem, guy: WE KNOW BETTER.  Of freakin' COURSE the control freaks and gun bigots and hoplophobes will use it to extend the licensing: "Hey, you're ok with having a license for those evil full-semi-auto guns, so why not all the others?"  And giving these clowns the chance to make the medical/psychological exam both more and more expensive, and intrusive?  Fat damned chance.

And saying "We'll have to trust the courts to prevent that"?  I repeat: HELL no. 

Just because you want to largely surrender to the enemy doesn't make it 'gun control that works'; it's another non-compromise that gives them another piece of the cake while they give up nothing.

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Anonymous said...

Airwave licensing is much more like renting time on a lane at a range.

I can buy a transmitter to broadcast on any frequency and at any power I like as long as I have the money. I just can't use it without ensuring I don't step on a commodity (spectrum in this case) that someone else has paid for.

Likewise, I should be able to buy any firearm I like, and use it how I like so long as I'm not usurping something that someone else has paid for, like a lane at a range.

So if he really wants it to be like airwaves, he would be happy with me being able to purchase whatever I want and use it wherever I want provided I don't stop on some else's paid for access.