Friday, May 04, 2018

'Almost comically corrupt' was one of the reasons I gave someone

for Clinton not being elected; but there's really nothing funny about this crap.
Why the Clinton Foundation is a charity fraud. Exhibits running many times through all letters in the English alphabet show plainly, to those who choose to look, that the organization using Federal Employer Identification Number 31-1580204 has operated as if it were above the law.
The Clinton Foundation has attempted to amend its articles of incorporation several times to change its name, but not to add to, change, or otherwise revise its authorized purposes. This means that the Clinton Foundation has never held lawful power to "fight HIV/AIDS" or "fight climate change" or provide disaster relief internationally or domestically, yet its many marketing brochures, public filings, and press releases detail radical alterations in professed purposes starting by 2002.

Moreover, ongoing, close review of public records reveals that the Clintons have traveled the world at foundation expense while letting it also pay for numerous employees' handling their affairs, whose cost should properly have been borne by the Clintons out of their after-tax incomes.
And on, and on.  And then this:
What actually happened is that starting Oct. 23, 1997, the Clintons created a super-charged "post-presidential" slush fund that they never expected the IRS to audit, or U.S. attorneys anywhere to prosecute.
Gee, I wonder why they expected that?

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