Saturday, May 26, 2018

"Hey, let's pay Amazon to put a bug in our house

that we don't know what will do!"  No, thank you.

The father of four says a team busted through the front door, threw flash bangs, knocked pictures off walls, damaged the ceiling and burned holes through clothes and carpet.
At the wrong damned house.  Again.
Sheriff's office spokesman James Bradford wouldn't say if the Renck family would be compensated for the damage.
"Hey, we trash your house, not our problem to fix the damage."

Along that line, Comey is screaming about the damage to the EffingBI caused by Congress investigation the crap he was in charge of; let's have a blast from the past:
In fact, years-long violations of the rules about the FBI’s use of secret spies have led to massive investigations across every branch of government, including a multi-volume, 3,528-page congressional investigative report in 2003, a scathing 314-page report from the Department of Justice (DOJ) inspector general in 2005, and even a scathing 228-page, $102 million ruling against the government in 2007 after a federal judge ruled that the FBI deliberately withheld evidence, leading to the wrongful convictions of four men, in order to protect a mob informant. (Three of the men were originally sentenced to death; two died in prison awaiting justice for a crime they didn’t commit.)

The 2007 ruling from U.S. District Court Judge Gertner, which the federal government chose not to appeal, reads more like a John Grisham novel than it does a legal dictum. In her introduction, Gertner made clear that the horrific miscarriage of justice perpetrated under the guise of the FBI’s confidential spy program wasn’t the result of innocent missteps by a few bad apples, but was instead a coordinated conspiracy involving the rogue agents, their supervisors, and even the FBI director himself.
But we're not supposed to question their activities now, and if we do we hate America and apple pie and all.  Right.  Speaking of:

"You will damage national security if you find out how much money we're wasting!"
But we can trust them.  About everything.  Right.

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