Monday, May 21, 2018

"Don't worry, this will never be abused or misused, we have standards!"

Yeah.  Right.
After confirming Hall’s identity, the deputies announced they had a deposition and were there to take his guns. The news left Hall dumbfounded, but he obeyed the orders of the officers and retrieved his two handguns.
... Hall, who had no history of mental illness, handed over four long guns, but when he questioned why, specifically, they were taking his firearms, they couldn’t provide him with an answer. In fact, according to Hall, the officers, who apologized throughout the process, admitted that they had never confiscated anyone’s guns before and had no clue why they were there other than the “mentally defective” stamp on the deposition.
As it turned out, the hospital where Hall had undergone a sleep apnea test four years ago had a patient who shared the same name as Hall and also had a similar social security number. That patient was previously treated for a mental health issue, and Hall and Panzone believe that’s where the mix-up occurred.
Well, isn't that just freaking wonderful?  And the crowning- and expected- crap:
However, some six months later, although Hall now has his guns, no one in the medical community has taken responsibility for the mistake, nor has Hall received an apology from anyone, save the deputies as they confiscated his guns by order of the deposition. In fact, Caitlin McCann, a spokeswoman for the Mohawk Valley Health System, said they have no knowledge of any such misidentification.
Despite having all this in front of them.  "We know NOTHING."

“I’m surprised it sailed through the way it did with a man who has a spotless record,” Panzone said. “To me, presumption of innocence is the foundation of our system, and this provision doesn’t allow for that.”
Make you a bet: quite possible that some of the asshats involved in this think "Who cares if it's the right guy or a real reason, I don't like guns."  So screwing someone who's innocent of wrongdoing doesn't bother them so long as 'icky guns taken away.'

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Anonymous said...

So on a tangential thought......why do you think that obama wanted the medical industry to switch to electronic medical records (EMR)?
I have worked in the medical industry for over 30 years. And the "cover" reason was so that information could be shared so the patient will get a more "seamless experience" during his contact with the medical industry.
The real reason is so "they" can search through your records remotely, and come up with a matrix of whatever "they" want to screw with at the moment.
One of the biggest EMR's is Epic. A company that is in the suburbs of Madison, WI. It is a privately held company that makes billions of dollars in profits. Their female owner is also on a board/committee in Washington, DC to create a program so that ALL of the EMR's will speak to each other. Guess who's program is now being used?!?!?! Go ahead guess!!! Yeppers, Epic now has a program that will cross over and interface with every other EMR in the land.
And another thing just for s**ts and giggles......Guess who donated thousands of dollars to obamas election and reelection campaigns!?!?! Go ahead guess!!! Yep you guess it, the owner of Epic....who then was appointed to the board to find a program to connect all the EMR's and who's program....won the bid!!!!
Also, and I can't prove this one.....because she was on a board....she gets federal retirement and health insurance for free for life..........