Tuesday, May 22, 2018

About wonderful Sweden,

In one telling anecdote, Snegirov described a type of conduct I've witnessed repeatedly in Norway: he's on a train from Hamar to Oslo on which all the seats are taken; although a number of able-bodied males (including young men in military uniforms) are seated, none of them stands up to offer his seat to any of the several elderly women (some of them weighed down by massive backpacks) who are forced to stand. But then a Pakistani man boards the train, and a red-bearded Norwegian immediately “jumps up ... and invites the Muslim to sit down.” The Pakistani says no, but Redbeard insists. After the Pakistani sits, Redbeard stands with his back to the door, his facial expression making it clear that he feels he has “done a good deed.”

Snegirev also visited Grønland, a Muslim-heavy part of Oslo, where he met Yevgeny Dyakonov, a local from Uzbekistan. Describing Grønland as more dangerous than even the worst parts of Moscow (I wouldn't know, having been in Grønland many times but never in Moscow), Dyakohov talked about the several times he'd been mugged by his own Muslim neighbors and explained that it's no use to go to the police, who give you the brush-off. (Verdict, based on my own experience: true.) Dyakonov mentioned a fellow resident of his apartment building, an actual Somali pirate who lives on welfare and child benefits and whose rent is paid by the government. When Dyakonov asked why he doesn't work, the man said: “I'm a born pirate! I never worked and I will not work!”
And if you speak too openly about it, you run a serious risk of winding up in jail.  Because BadThought has been criminalized.  And because PC At Any Cost.

That country, and Sweden, seem to be the furthest down the track to screwed.  And their 'elites', their leadership, seems to think that that's good.

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