Monday, March 12, 2018

"We would've been called names if we'd take action!"

If you're that chickenshit, you have no business wearing a badge.
The report reveals that authorities in the town of Telford became aware of the scale of the problem in the 1990s, but failed to prevent the continued drugging, beating, and rape of hundreds of girls, some of whom were as young as eleven, until an official investigation was launched roughly a decade later.

The Sunday Mirror spoke with a dozen victims who named more than 70 abusers collectively. One victim explained that the police tried to prevent her from discovering why her abuser was not jailed because they feared she would share her story with the press. Another victim, just 14 years old, detailed the tactics her abusers employed to compel her cooperation.
How many more that there's no official recognition of? 

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Grog said...

"Asian Community" meaning Muslims. How many more? the Brit "authorities" know, but they won't talk. This is an endemic infection of immigration, and it's a conquest, and people like Tommy Robinson are jailed for defending England.