Friday, March 16, 2018

The level of ignorance and dumbass out there...

In a thread on Bookface, someone's been insisting on 'ban the assault rifles' while not being willing to define exactly what they mean, in the meantime
Violent crime doesn't really count unless it involves a firearm.
'You can use a knife for self-defense instead of a gun, it's quieter and easier to carry'.
'Britain has almost no gun crime!'
'Australia is the future!'
'Target shooting is not a sport and should not be allowed.'
Basically, take every talking point and bullshit argument you've run across and get them from one person.  It's amazing.  And then she finally 'defines' what she's wanting to ban:
"My definition of an assault/ Armalite rifle or a bump stock attachment is a gun that can murder 58 people and injured many, many more in ten minutes with pauses during firing."
You may note that she has a fixation on the AR.  And doesn't/won't understand that, with some practice, you could do what she's talking about with a 100-year-old bolt-action.

Of course, she wants to ban the bolt-action as well.  And everything else.  Because feels and cares.

Also, she thinks Obama only told eight lies during his whole Presidency.  Believes it with a passion.

It's amazing.

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OFRGunny said...

So if it can only murder 57 people in more than 10 minutes is doesn't need to be banned?