Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Stolen from Mr. Williamson:

Liberal shithead comment of the day:
"The Second Amendment is worthless. We elected the worst despot in history in 2016 and none of you gun wankers did anything to stop it."

Um, wrong. Hillary lost the election.
And every time she starts up again on why, it makes me so glad to know that she isn't and never will be President.


Anonymous said...

Trump has stated repeatedly that he is in favor of confiscation of firearms without due process, confiscation and manufacture bans for "AR-15's" and bans and confiscation of magazines. He made that statement again last night (3/12/2018). When are you fan boys going to get that Trump is the greatest danger to our rights and freedom in the world today? Unlike Clinton he WILL sign a ban into law and has stated repeatedly that "I will sign any gun control law that passes". ---Ray This isn't "3D chess" it is a New York gun grabber in the spirit of FDR.

Firehand said...

'fan boys'? Apparently you haven't read what I've said about him before.

B said...

He's a despot? Really? I must have missed that part of his first year.

Not that I don't think he wouldn't if he could.

As Tam pointed out to me over lunch about a year and a half a go...."you can vote for the New York Democrat.....or the New York Democrat for President."

Trump is only marginally less bad that Hillary.

markm said...

I think that not only putting national secrets on her poorly-secured home server, but also sending work e-mails to her housekeeper to print out at home made Hillary more than marginally worse. A few of Trump's people are accused of obstruction of justice, but nothing as big as deleting 30,000 e-mails to avoid a subpoena.

You could vote for the corrupt, New York, big government candidate, or the traitorous and extremely corrupt, New York, bigger government candidate.