Thursday, March 15, 2018

I can't really afford it, but

I'm strongly tempted to get a AR lower.  Maybe some parts.  Plan on a build.  Just to piss off the gun-grabbing asshats and the dumbass teenagers they're using as a front.

Maybe a nice pistol build in .300 Blackout...

I did get some bullets cast the other day, some of which are in a pan, lubed and ready to cut out and size.  Which would let me lube the others.  Plan for the future: I need to use up most of the 15-1 in the melter, then put in some general mix and cast a bunch of pistol and some rifle bullets.

In the meantime, it being a nice day, I need to do some stuff outside before- it being March in Oklahoma- the next front comes in and makes it cold/wet/stormy/whatever.


Stanley said...

Go for it; not only will you have fun learning tons about ARs and what's available to build one with, you'll discover just how deep the rabbit hole is on stuff - hundreds, if not thousands, of triggers, and barrels, and bolts and bolt carriers, get the idea. Some of the top tier brand name stuff can get pricey (like Giessele triggers and titanium bolt carriers) but there's really good parts justbelow that level.

Start with a pistol because they're fun, and within BATFE's restrictions you can have a "sort of, kinda like, but not really, so don't use it as one, SBR." Pro tips: First, do not buy (or build) a pistol-length barrel upper without already owning an AR pistol. See: pitfalls of "Constructive Possession." Second, when buying the lower, the 4473 checkboxes are handgun, long gun, other firearm. Check the "other firearm" box. Per BATFE, pistols can become rifles, but rifles can never become pistols. An AR pistol with a rifle-length buffer tube and Law Tactical folding stock adapter will fit in a briefcase. Makes it much easier to carry to the shooting range or gun club. An AR pistol with several different uppers can switch between 5.56, 300BLK, 6.8SPC, whatever, as one wishes, and the upper will be already sighted in.

If Tam can build them on a folding TV table in her living room, you can build one (first go-round with springs, maybe tape over the drain and do it in the shower).

Phil said...

I'm having the same urge to get a lower or two just to make sure I have something on hand,just in case.

Jeffersonian said...

I've been eyeing 80% lowers. Some are under $50. $70 or more for a drilling jig, for the drill press you may already have. Video instructions all over YouTube, at least for the moment. Firefox browser plugins allow you to download the video and save it for reference at leisure.

Firehand said...

I ran across this one a few days ago
It lets you drill the starting holes with either a hand drill or press, then you do the rest of the cutting with a router.