Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Had a chance to hit a range this morning (updated)

that allowed a bit longer-distance shooting.  Aside from getting numb fingers*, fun was had; report to follow shortly, as I have things to oil and dry out.

Ok, I've only got one target.  First time I've had the chance to try .45-70 at 200 yards(load was the Lee 500-grain bullet over 35.0 Blackhorn 209).  And of course this is the day of crappy weather.  However, once I got the elevation dialed in,
That trio in the large circle(ignore the two smaller holes) is just under 2 7/8" center to center; the pair in the smaller happened after I changed from a round to a post insert in the front sight.  The uncircled one on the right was shot a couple of minutes later.  I will tell you flatly that I'm delighted with these: solid overcast, it'd started misting enough that it was like trying to shoot in fog at times, so groups like these?  Oh yeah, I'm happy.

I shall now clean firearms and set cases to dry.  And, when time allows, load more of these.

*It's March in Oklahoma: started out cloudy & chilly, got a bit chillier, then the mist/fog/light rain moved through, and after started home the clouds started breaking and it warmed up some.  And is still warming.

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