Sunday, March 25, 2018

These people are bloody insane

Earlier this year, New England — located just a few hundred miles from the Marcellus Shale, one of the world’s largest natural gas fields — was forced to import a cargo of Russian liquefied natural gas. This was necessary because anti-energy activists have convinced local elected leaders to block new energy infrastructure, including pipelines that could bring American gas to the region. This is making households in the Northeast more dependent on imported energy, and forcing them to pay among the highest energy bills in the country. 

This was no accident. The Conservation Law Foundation, a prominent anti-energy group in Massachusetts, states on its website that importing natural gas from foreign counties is preferable to building new pipelines. The Sierra Club’s Massachusetts chapter has simply declared “No New Pipelines,” while the state’s attorney general thinks Russian LNG is better for the climate than piping in American fuel.


knuckledraggertech said...

Here in Maine we had 6 LNG cargo facilities blocked by environmentalist lawsuits within days of their announcement. The Sears Island cargo facility was blocked by the EPA because the pier would have shadowed eel grass. Then-Governor Angus King got into a screaming match with the local region EPA administrator over it. This will not stop until we institute 'loser pays court costs'...

Andrew said...

I would laugh at the stupidity of this, but I live in Florida, which has huge friggin supplies of natural gas and oil and the enviro-weenies fight any attempt to even map the size of the fields. We (Florida) could be an economic powerhouse fueled by cheap energy, but noooooo. So, instead, our beaches get covered by tar from natural seeps all the time.

NIMBY wins again and again.