Tuesday, March 27, 2018

From Madam Hoyt on immigration

Of course, if I hadn’t acculturated, it wouldn’t make a great deal of difference. I was one person alone. But when we’re faced with a continuous stream over a virtually unguardable border it does make a difference, because if those immigrants come not to acculturate but to get what America can give, they’re going to change our culture. Further, if those immigrants come possessed with a theory of racial/ethnic superiority and how they “own” half of our country, it’s going to create a  poisonous subculture in our midst.
I see the bishops’ biases too. Much was said about charity and welcoming the poor and oppressed, but dear Lord, borders exist for a reason and charity is not a principle of geopolitics. The American people are generous to a fault. Many of us support children in other countries. Many send money to disaster relief around the world. But unless you believe there is some magic to the very soil that makes the U.S. prosperous, we cannot and should not allow in everyone in the world who has a need, because if we do, we will end up with our country becoming like the place they came from. (How many states see that with Californians, without even dealing with foreigners?)

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