Friday, February 09, 2018

So, while you're congratulating yourselves, I have a question:

How many are NOT being turned in?  Both because criminals don't obey the law, and because a lot of honest citizens, seeing where their country is going, have decided "Screw you, I'm not giving these up"?
More than 15,000 weapons were handed in during the last amnesty in 2013, and police are hoping for up to 13,000 to be handed in this time.   

Amnesties were also held in 2007, when 13,000 firearms and 14 tonnes of ammunition were relinquished, and in 1993 when 17,000 firearms and 15 tonnes of ammunition were handed in.  
And yet there are more?  How might that happen?

And, for the winner,
Sweden's government plans to launch an amnesty for hand grenades this October, after a surge in grenade attacks in the country.

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