Monday, February 05, 2018

You know, the Stupid Party doesn't have to release a memo to 'damage the FBI'

like the Bureau and Democrats keep screaming: the EffingBI is doing that all by itself.
The government response also reveals that Oregon State Police SWAT troopers at the scene, ordinarily required to wear body cameras, didn't that day at the request of the FBI. The FBI did obtain video from FBI surveillance planes flying above the scene.

State police detectives also normally record interviews of officers who might be involved in a shooting, but they didn't that night when questioning the FBI Hostage Rescue Team members, again at the FBI's request. A follow-up interview with the hostage team members also came with unusual conditions, prosecutors note.
Why, whyever would honest cops have such a problem with the incident being recorded?  Especially in such a politically-sensitive matter?

Unless they maybe planned/considered doing things they didn't want there to be a record of, at least in someone else's hands?

Three other members of the FBI hostage rescue team who were at the roadblock on U.S. 395 also said they hadn't taken any shots, according to prosecutors.

As a result, "evidence that would otherwise have been gathered and preserved was not,'' Astarita's weapon wasn't seized, examined or secured and an FBI shooting investigation wasn't initiated, prosecutors wrote.
On Feb. 6, 2016, two state police detectives reinterviewed Astarita, but by then the hostage rescue team agents knew there were unaccounted-for gunshots and missing shell casings. The agents set conditions for the interview: They could only be interviewed as a group, the interview couldn't be recorded and their lawyer could be present on a speakerphone.

The state police detectives found those conditions "particularly an unrecorded group interview - odd and problematic, but reluctantly agreed to them, believing that the alternative would be no interview at all,''  prosecutors wrote.
This is utter bullshit. 

B.M., the leader of Astarita's team, served as the "spokesman'' for the group and did most of the talking. The hostage rescue team agents conveyed individually and through their spokesman that they didn't fire any shots.
Astarita has been charged, which is good; what about the other Very Special Agents?  They lied.  Repeatedly.  Why aren't they being charged for that?

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