Thursday, January 11, 2018

Why is half of Puerto Rico still without power?

Because they haven't hanged enough corrupt politicians and bureaucrats yet.


Andrew said...

Simpler to just say "Puerto Rico out of power because it's Puerto Rico."

Godson was sent with his NatGuard unit down there. Said it sucked worse and was in worse shape than what he saw in Iraq (after his unit had to rebuild infrastructure that THE LIGHTBRINGER allowed to fall apart.)

Puerto Rico just sucks. Here's an idea. Take over the island under military jurisdiction (which is allowable under US law) and jail all the politicians and union leaders. Require English to be phased in pronto as the official language. And push for a 10 year plan to either have that island stand up for itself or get the frack out of the USA.

Hell, even Micronesia, once a huge Trust Territory of the USA, managed to boot-strap its ways (two separate nations) into two functioning nations with relatively uncorrupt governments. If the Pacific Islanders can do it, why can't the Puerto Ricans.

Aesop said...

Because it's Puerto Rico.

Grant them independence this July 4th, and wish them well.

We'll miss them like Michael Phelps would miss a boat anchor around his neck in the 200m freestyle.

Jeffersonian said...

Demanding aid, literally locking it up to rot, then blaming the people who sent the aid.

And who elected these sociopaths? And why are those people deserving of our sympathy, or our tax-funded relief materials?

Richard Watson said...

I spoke with someone who was down there in November. He said, not only were the power lines down, so were the poles.

Even up in the mountains.

Firehand said...

Yeah, from all reports it took most of the poles on the whole island down, which has been part of the rebuild process.