Thursday, January 11, 2018

Some other results from the range

I've read of using coffee filter paper for patches on bullets, so I tried it with bullets and load of known accuracy; no.  Back to onionskin.  The description of results is 'patterns, not groups'.

Obtained some bullets cast from this mold, and tried them; not bad.  I think these would work well with black powder, the lube grooves are deep and wide enough.

There's only so much wind in the face and glare I can take nowadays and still shoot well.


Arthur said...

So what qualities make for a good paper patch?

Do you want the patching to come off like a sabot, or stick like glue to the bullet?

Firehand said...

Second part first: you want the rifling to cut it, and it come off as the bullet leaves the muzzle.

First part: the originals used a 100% linen paper, which you can still get but is spendy. Most nowadays use onionskin, or printer paper. Give you an idea of the mess on this subject, look here: