Thursday, January 11, 2018

This... this is horrible

A Sevier County Sheriffs Deputy freaked out during an encouter, opened fire randomly into a trailer park, then had a panic attack and had to be disarmed by a Paramedic. 

That in-and-of-itself is crazy. Talk about a ridiculously bad shoot. 

To make matters worse, the couple involved in the incident were charged with assault for making the Deputy have a panic attack. The Sheriff defended the deputy for shooting at a man holding a phone.

And, to make it even worse, this from one of the stories linked at the post:
Mullinax and Cody spent 42 days in jail on felony aggravated assault charges filed against them by SCSO and directly accusing them of causing Johnson’s panic attack.

The couple were held without a preliminary hearing for weeks. The law requires such a hearing for jailed suspects within 10 business days of arrest. A judge in March tossed out the felony charges, but sent the case to a Sevier County grand jury review.
Well, Sheriff, your county- and if there was any real justice, YOU- will be paying for this for a long time to come.


skybill said...

Saw the vid when it first aired!!!! 'Don't know why the bitch puke panicked?? He!!!...had the only gun in the area!!! The paramedics "shoulda'" called animal control and had him shot with a tranquilizer gun!! Approaching that loonie like that paramedic did was just too risky!! Looney with a gun, you in range, you get shot!!

skybill shot

Grog said...


There's someone who shouldn't be allowed near firearms.

Windy Wilson said...

But she's one of the "Only ones competent enough"1