Saturday, January 13, 2018

The stupid... it's amazing

Three British professors recently claimed that statistical analyses have been weaponized to “serve white racial interests” within academia and beyond. 

Led by David Gillborn, a professor at the University of Birmingham, the professors argue that math serves white interests because it can “frequently encode racist perspectives beneath the facade of supposed quantitative objectivity.”

Meanwhile, over in (formerly Great)Britain,
Remember when politicians and police chiefs used to boast that crime was falling, and academics and liberal news media used to believe them? It was a lie, of course, based on fiddled statistics which have now been thoroughly exposed. But it suited the Establishment at the time.

What the figures actually meant was that the police and courts had decided that millions of actions which were once considered crimes were now not crimes any more. So they would neither record them nor do anything about them. This is still true, as you will find out if one of these ‘petty’ crimes happens to you.

But some crimes – in which people die or are seriously hurt – cannot be magicked out of existence in this way.

Police have arrested 20 men as part of an investigation into historic abuses by a grooming gang that operated in West Yorkshire.

The suspects, aged between 28 and 43, were detained in three days of raids across Calderdale and Kirklees.

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Anonymous said...

I was stationed at RAF Lakenheath in the early 90s. Even then, if the person was under 21 whatever they did wrong, well at least up to car theft, was just labeled as mischief and, if caught, they just received a verbal warning.