Sunday, January 07, 2018

Braids. Are cultural appropriation...

First, the good news in this story:

A six-month investigation by the department determined that then-student Crystal Sudano was discriminated against based on race and faced racial harassment and retaliation after challenging the professor’s views.

The bad: the kind of idiocy and racism this academic asshole was spewing:
In Facebook messages, he accused the student of being “racist” for wearing an Aztec mascot T-shirt and said she appropriated culture when she wore her hair in braids.
The student challenged the professor’s views, saying that “The idea is that everyone no matter how low on the totem pole you are, shared governance is what gives the lowest man the right to share his opinion and for that opinion to be heard.”

Monge then criticized Sudano, saying she should not use the phrase “totem pole” and went on to lash out against other students in the group, calling one an “Uncle Tom” and others “Frat Bros and Sorority Sisters … who do not easily empathize with non-whiteness,” the student paper reported.
Oh yeah, there's more.  I wonder how much this asshat was being paid for this crap?

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