Monday, October 02, 2017

What 'PC no matter the cost' leads to

Reporter met with female family members of some of the rape gang members in Britain.  Part of the problem:
Even now white girls, many from troubled homes, are being violated by men who profess to be good Muslims. Such are the explosive racial and religious implications that, to our shame, many refuse to face the problem.

Look at what happened to Sarah Champion, Labour MP for Rotherham, who was sacked from the shadow front bench for saying just this. Or take the case of Amina Lone, a Muslim councillor from Birmingham, who rightly defended Champion but was then told she cannot stand for re-election.

Yes, sexual predators come from all classes and races. However, in organised group rapes, such as those in Rotherham and Rochdale, the issues of race and ethnicity are undeniable. They must be addressed.
But a disgusting number of people in government don't want to address it; muslims are a protected species in their minds, and just about any criticism of a muslim- even a serial rapist- is in the 'racist' category.  They'd rather see more victims than openly deal with the problem.

Then you get to the descriptions of what these men were like at home, to their own families...  it's bad.  Very. 
It will be a long time before I forget the three hours of emotional chaos, disorientation and pain that followed. I learned that they, too, had been subject to despicable sexual abuse. But I also discovered that, trapped in a world of obedience and ignorance, too many also blame the white teenaged victims for leading their abusers on.
But bit by bit, they opened up, describing a world of loveless sex on demand, of domestic violence, routine debasement. ‘He did it hard, it hurt,’ said Nusrat. ‘It was always painful. He say I am his toy. I say no, he pushed me down, made me cry. He was like a dog.’

End of the piece has this:
Muslim activists fear talking about the abusers encourages racism. They may be right. But the grooming gangs are responsible for much greater racial hostility. Progressive Muslims must make this crime socially unacceptable. The communities which shelter and defend these men must be confronted. We need research into why a disproportionate number of Pakistani Muslim men in Britain commit this crime as well as offer compulsory re-education for those who have been locked up.

These predators – and the wives who seek to justify their behaviour – must understand that women are not white or brown flesh to be consumed at will.
1.Finding out that the authorities KNEW this was going on and did nothing(because 'racism') did far more damage than the fact that the gangs were muslim; that would probably have gone down as "Those bastards are getting what's coming to them!" IF this had been dealt with from Day One; but it wasn't.  And that made the mess- hell, IS making the mess- far worse.

2. 'We need research on why'.  Oh, hell, we KNOW why: they were acting in a nice, old-fashioned 'Unbelievers are trash to be treated as we wish' muslim way.  If you don't acknowledge that, you're not dealing with the major part of the problem in this.

3. 'women are not white or brown flesh to be consumed at will' See #2:they were taught, and believe, that that's exactly what women are, especially non-muslim women.  When you've got people specifically teaching their kids that, you either deal with that or you can't really deal with it at all.

In the end, muslims in Britain- and other places- are going to have to be the ones to deal with this, because I doubt anyone else can.  Either they'll change how they teach their children, or this crap will continue.  And the long-term damage of it, well, we really don't want to wind up there.

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