Monday, October 02, 2017

Meanwhile, in Canada,

At a 3 a.m. press conference this morning, Edmonton officials said that two separate but apparently related incidents last night are being investigated as "acts of terrorism."
Seem to be following the current European method of knives and vehicles.  Also
The terrorist has now been identified as Abdulahi Hasan Sharif, a Somali national who was granted refugee status in Canada. Like most such terrorists, he is a “known wolf.”
Big surprise, right?

What're the local terror-minded communists up to?
Conservative students at the University of California, Berkeley have been actively stalked and targeted by a regional Antifa organization known for inciting violence. 

While the Berkeley College Republicans met at a local restaurant Wednesday evening, Berkeley Antifa took to Twitter to post the exact location of the student group online.
Creepy at the least.  Unfortunately, we're not dealing with the 'least':
“Conservatives in Berkeley are routinely targeted, harassed, and stalked,” he told Campus Reform. “Knowing that they have sympathizers within both the city administration and university administration, leftist groups will continue to target conservatives as they know there are no consequences to their actions.

“It has become socially acceptable in Berkeley to physically beat someone for being a conservative,” Tahmas added. “In fact, it is even encouraged.”

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Anonymous said...

"Known wolf"!?!?!?! When are they going to "do" something about a known terrorist? Kinda like when water freezes on a sidewalk; it's "known" that you may slip, so you put salt on it. You don't wait till someone slips, falls and breaks a hip before you do something.