Tuesday, October 03, 2017

Thinking about some of the leftist/racist idiocy on display the last couple of days

of the 'Gun ownership in this country is based on white supremacy/racism' type...
Pointed out to someone pushing this(among other crap) that the fastest-growing groups of new gun owners are women and minorities, and they were sad: "I don't want my people getting guns", basically.

Yeah.  Because being unarmed is such a wonderful thing.  Mind you, this is someone who also flat hates Trump, but wants the government he heads to have a monopoly on use of force.  What level of genius do you class that as?

There's an older black couple that comes into the range regularly, and they're a joy: they know what they're doing, they're safe, the only problem we have at times is "Five minutes to close, you have to pack up now."  The 'white supremacy' clown would find that sad; I find it wonderful; they're doing something they both enjoy, and I think if someone of criminal mindset decided to mess with them it will prove a serious failure in the victim-selection process.

I provided a couple of links, including Cramer's Racist Roots of Gun Control, to point out just where the 'Let Not The Commoners Have Arms' push has generally come from.  Haven't seen a word since; don't know if they're reading or dismissing me and all data as part of that supremacist movement.

It's a weird mindset that sees EVERYTHING through the prism of racism.

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