Wednesday, October 04, 2017

BRM has a post on the murderer

and it boils down to "What the hell?"  Based on his background and that of others he knows, LOTS of questions about this.  He's got links to a guy who's been going over things, one of his ends
Either this guy is the biggest civilizational mole in history, or we're being fed a wall of bullshit big enough to hide an aircraft carrier.

Absolutely nothing about this guy is what it should be.

The last time I read something this far-fetched, that didn't add up this much, the guy was named Clark, and the author's name was Tom Clancy.

What's really going on here?
I'd suggest going over and reading them.  What they're coming up with makes this whole thing stink like the dead catfish remnants Security Staff(Sr.) once managed to roll in.

Added: On the other hand, John Ringo thinks it might well have been a bad drug interaction(Facebook link).

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