Friday, October 06, 2017

'Higher' Education in Missouri

The guidelines, broken up into six sections of “who, when, where, why, what, [and] how,” offer students an examination of sorts for “how to think inclusively when planning an event,” listing dozens of questions they should ask themselves during the planning stages.

“If my event is potentially triggering, have I consulted with someone from the counseling center or have a counselor present?” one question asks, followed by another that implores students to consider whether “a ‘safe’ or ‘brave’ space” is necessary for the event.

Another series of questions deals with appropriate advertisements for events, warning students to be “conscious of the colors and how they can be exclusionary or stereotypical” while considering if the language used on advertisements “can potentially be bias [sic].”
And so on.

It's like they want to FORCE people to consider everyone too weak and vulnerable to deal with- well, anything.

And in Texas,
The president of the University of North Texas personally attempted to derail a scheduled talk by Donald Trump, Jr. months prior to his scheduled appearance in late October. 

According to emails obtained by The Dallas Morning News, UNT President Neal Smatresk admitted that he was “trying to stop” the $100,000 speech from ever taking place on campus, saying he was “not enthused” about the invitation but had little recourse available because the event is being funded by private donors.
Meaning "If it wasn't for private donors paying for this, we could shut him up."

A big Clinton supporter says 'The Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy is after me!'
Well, that is a lot better than admitting "I'm a woman-abusing asshole and the people found out!."

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