Friday, March 24, 2017

This is making the rounds on Facebook

I think someone was referring to situations like this as Gun Culture v.3.  Maybe v.4.  People with no previous experience with firearms, including lots of millenials, gays, minorities, and women, discovering that
They're fun.
They're handy.
If you're really concerned about being bashed, being armed is generally a Good Thing.
And, I think a big one with a lot more people anymore,
Lots of control-freak politicians really don't like you owning them.  Therefore, learning to shoot, and maybe even buying a gun, is another Good Thing.  Maybe a Gooder Thing.

Won't say where, but I've been working part-time at a range.  And the number of young people, women, and minorities showing up is very nice.  I'm talking both people bringing in their own gun to practice with, bringing a family member and/or friend to teach them the basics, and people deciding "I've never shot a gun; I should do something about that", and they do.  And they generally leave with a big smile on their face.

Every one of these people is one more fingernail on the blackboards in the minds of people like Schumer and Pelosi and Obama; one more person not paying attention to the demonization of firearms and people who own them, one more person actually trying them out and liking it. 

I think this(along with some real stupid) is why some states have politicians pushing laws that make it a crime just to loan a firearm to someone: they want to make it as difficult as possible for new gunnies to come into being, because every one that does is another big nail in the coffin of the control freak's ambitions.

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Sxm235 said...

I re ain skeptical of anything being true from 4chan or 8chan.