Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Free maps Updated

over here.  Can search, download the area you want as a PDF and print it.

Update: Phelps, in comments, advises that more up-to-date maps are available here.


Phelps said...

Not true to scale. I mean, internally, yes, but the 7.5 maps aren't at 7.5 scale, so your protractor won't work properly with them.

For my maps, I use CalTopo. You can print them at true 7.5 scale on whatever size paper, and your protractors work (for, you know, if you have to call in a fire mission or something.)


Phelps said...

Also you can get full-size 7.5s and other USGS sizes, up to date, from the source:


The NatGeo maps are the 2000 revision maps, whereas the current on there is 2015 data (with 2014 imagery.) It also includes the Orthoimage (that's sat photos) and the ability to turn on and off map elements.

For my get home bag, I print those out, booklet style from Acrobat with just the elements I want on the map turned on, and then seal all that up into a Foodsaver bag (for water protection) with quick-tear notches cut into the sides.