Sunday, March 19, 2017

Due to circumstances I'm not complaining about,

another weekend spent at a range.  And I'll repeat something I said before: if Pelosi and Schumer & Co. saw the mix of ages and people showing up to shoot, they'd loose bowel control.

Especially the Ladies Only concealed-carry classes.  Which are packed.

Kind of hard to keep the illusion that 'Gun owners are all old white men!' after that.  And all the people in their 20's renting guns to try out, deciding what to buy, or just showing up to practice.  Ladies showing up with a friend or relative to whom they're giving lessons.  And the smiles on faces when they're finished.

To note one that kicked my giggle switch: lady in a light summer dress(been really warm here the last few days) and 3 or 4" heels, giving a AR and a pistol a serious workout.

Every one of those people is another kick in the ass of the gun bigots and hoplophobes.  And it couldn't happen to more deserving people.

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