Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Just the kind of crap Schumer and Bloomberg and Feinstein and Pelosi would love to see here

So we see routine examples of gun owners in serious legal jeopardy because ]they failed to renew licenses in time. And we see the predictable antis, such as the aptly-named Gun-Free South Africa, endorse prosecuting a woman for defending herself against an armed repeat offender – because she used her partner’s gun:
“Allowing somebody who does not have a license to use your firearm and use it for their own self-defence will definitely fall under Section 103, where you will be declared unfit to own a gun.”

Some of the bastards are honest about this garbage:
That’s consistent with a report I wrote back in 2001 quoting a South African Safety and Security official admitting “the laws have nothing to do with criminals. It is a waste of time to make laws to stop criminals. The purpose of this bill is to make it as difficult as possible for people to own licensed firearms and to reduce the number of firearms already licensed.”
Next time someone starts whining about 'licensing guns just like cars', slap them with this.  And watch them screech about you being against 'common-sense gun safety laws'.

And this shit:
And as the (now dissolved) New National Party observed, the laws being enacted would ensure:
“No firearm may be used for self-defence unless licenced for that purpose (s16, s17, s18, and s19). If under personal attack whilst only in possession of a firearm licenced for a non-defensive purpose, the individual would, in fact, be committing an offence by using it to defend him/herself;
I repeat: the hoplophobes and gun bigots would love to be able to do this here.  They're still working at it.

Never forget that.

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