Wednesday, March 29, 2017

If all those people are truly so upset about connections with Russia, then

they ought to be glad to do this(and about damned time).
President Trump argued in a pair of tweets Monday evening that the House Intelligence Committee should look a deal between a Russian state-owned energy company, Rosatom, and a Canadian-owned mining company with deep ties to the Clinton Foundation that had ultimately placed one-fifth of U.S. uranium interests in Russian hands.

Idiots flip off a monument to victims of communism, because 'Capitalism is Bad! Even worse!'  Thus proving what idiots they are.

Also, when you try to excuse the Holodomor with 'the result of transition to modern economy', you prove what a fucking idiot you are.

So it appears that what happened here is that Democratic Party activists in the Department of Homeland Security either created a bogus document or dug up a poorly-researched draft document that had never been issued, and fed it to Democratic Party activists at the Associated Press. The Democratic Party activists at the AP published a story based on the anonymous document, which two Democratic Party activists on the bench used as a pretext for orders enjoining the president’s travel order.

Those orders should be viewed as purely political acts that have no basis in any valid judicial reasoning or authority.

Well, that takes an interesting level of bullshit.
Devout Muslims who called the police on their own relatives — who work as Democratic House IT staffers — are disgusted by Rep. Gregory Meeks being “hesitant to believe” the charges against them, with Meeks saying the allegations may have stemmed from Islamophobia.

It would be a good start.
A Massachusetts sheriff Tuesday recommended that law enforcement officials take a hardline approach in dealing with the defiant leaders of sanctuary cities who intentionally help harbor illegal aliens. Testifying before the House Subcommittee on Illegal Immigration, Bristol County Sheriff Thomas Hodgson called for those leaders to be arrested.

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