Monday, March 27, 2017

Every piece of garbage pretending to be a cop, and every one at the jail who saw this

 and did nothing, needs to be in a cell.  And the officer who caused the injury especially.
Williams, who had a history of mental illness, was arrested in a hotel lobby Oct. 21, 2011, after hotel staff called police saying he appeared to be having a mental breakdown. On Oct. 22, in the jail's booking area, he was slammed to the floor by an officer who said he landed on Williams' shoulders and head. After that incident, Williams started screaming and having difficulty standing; investigators were concerned he may have broken his neck but offered no medical treatment, even as Williams insisted he was paralyzed. Officers told Williams' parents he was faking his injuries, despite the fact that he stopped eating and drinking, urinated and defecated on himself, and had a seizure. He died Oct. 27 of complications from the neck injury and dehydration. Charges had not yet been filed against him when he died, Fox 23 reports.

What kind of brainless piece of shit do you have to be to watch this going on and on and do nothing?


thinkingman said...

yet another stunning example of how they protect each other , even through inaction. So where was there even ONE good cop in THIS senario?

Pawpaw said...

No doubt, he should have gotten medical care, and I'd bet that someone is going to jail over this horrible chain of events.

However, as an old correctional officer, I have to comment on the stunning lack of mental health care in this country. Why did they call the police in the first place? Why not call the mental health wagon? Because we don't have a mental health wagon.

Granted, the jail personnel should have found medical care for this person, but I've been in those shoes, and they are tough shoes to fill.

Yes, this is a horrible chain of events. But, the larger question remains, why was he in jail in the first place? Why don't we call the mental health profession when we see a mental health issue?

Phelps said...

You just have to be a brainless piece of shit with a badge (but I keep repeating myself.)