Saturday, April 01, 2017

Looks like engineers from Purdue will be in less demand in the future

My scholarship currently focuses on applying liberative pedagogies in engineering education, leveraging best practices from women’s studies and ethnic studies to engage students in creating a democratic classroom that encourages all voices. In 2005 I received a CAREER award from the National Science Foundation to support this work, which includes developing, implementing, and assessing curricular and pedagogical innovations based on liberative pedagogies and student input at Smith, and understanding how students at Smith conceptualize their identities as engineers.
Go read the rest if you need your blood pressure damaged. I'll give you one more bit just to kick-start your day:
In EGR 330 (Engineering and Global Development), we critically evaluate past and current trends in appropriate and sustainable technology. We examine how technology influences and is influenced by globalization, capitalism and colonialism, and the role technology plays in movements that counter these forces. Gender is a key thread running through the course in examining issues of water supply and quality, food production and energy.
'Appropriate and sustainable'.  Jeez.

More homemade machine-pistol from Brazil.

The GFWs in Seattle.  Their plan is a failure, and illegal, but their excuse for illegal actions is "But it will bring in lots of money(not as much as we claimed, but we still want it)!"

Short version: some people working in intelligence need to go to jail.  and Farkas needs to be put under oath to testify.

What they actually think of you:
“The electoral college is bullsh**. Los Angeles and New York should decide who the f***ing president is … I’m a proud liberal coastal elitist, and we should decide who is the president. We do know better.”
Part of this guys' response:
“Liberalism used to be about freedom but now is about a kind of warped moral authority that is actually part of the moral superiority movement. This faction of the left is touchingly now known as ‘The Resistance.’ Oh yes, the resistance. What is this resistance? There are posters all over my neighborhood in West Hollywood urging me to resist, resist, resist…
“Some of us have been wondering, resist what exactly? And who is telling us to resist whatever? The people who voted for the candidate who lost? I’m supposed to listen to them? Is this a joke?”

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