Wednesday, February 01, 2017

They REALLY dislike the Hearing Protection Act

You can tell by the volume of lies and hysteria.
Kristin Brown of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence went so far as to argue “there’s no evidence of a public health issue associated with hearing loss from gunfire.

Let that sink in.  A representative of the Brady Campaign argues that there is no evidence of hearing loss from gunfire.  One is left to wonder if their zealotry blinds them to the truth or if they really are that ill-informed on firearms and their use.
Embrace the power of 'and'.  And throw in 'vicious' as well.

Borrowing from Williamson,
"Hey, Darquanne. You hear silencers are gonna be legal?"

"Aw, man, just 500 bucks to a licensed dealer, and my fotay can be a pound heavier, 6" longer, and no louder than your average nailgun! Yeah!"

Said no gangbanger EVER.

Appears a bunch of people who've been getting money from the EPA are reeeaallly upset.  Good.
Milloy isn’t surprised by the scientific community’s apoplexy; his book details how the EPA funded nearly $600 million in bogus research to buttress the agency’s regulatory overreach:

It’s all about the money. EPA pays university scientists massive amounts of money to support its agenda and their institutions are more than happy to oblige by doing what the EPA wants regardless of merit.
Looks like the EPA may need its own doomsday clock, because its time of promoting dubious science to back up a political agenda is running out.

Ah, but he's not the right kind of victim...
Consider the implications of this decision. According to Seattle District Judge James Robart, a student who believes Amherst violated his due process rights, wrongfully expelled him, and ignored subsequent evidence that his accuser, "Sandra Jones," was the actual violator of the college's sexual misconduct policies, does not deserve the opportunity to make his case because someone else's feelings are more important. 

Whatever happened to believing the victim?
And the judge is an idiot.  Who's probably now going to get Jones sued, because it's the only way to get the information.  Well done, you black-robed clown!

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Phssthpok said...

So... if gun reports aren't a public health issue, then how come every time I take my annual hearing test at work there a section of the paperwork where you indicate what 'loud' activities you enjoy...and firearms are almost always at the top of the list (right up there with loud music)??