Friday, February 03, 2017

A number of things about getting old suck;

I think the worst may be the 'wake up- at least partway- about 4 to 5a.m., and then crap starts running through your mind and it takes forever to get back to sleep.

If you do.

And even if you do, the interruption means you wake up less than rested.

I think I could put up with the knees and other stuff if I could just sleep worth a damn again.


Pawpaw said...

I get up between 4 and 5 most days. When I was soldiering, that was the time I had to get up to make PT formation. But, nowadays it's just a quiet time to drink coffee and plan my day.

Getting old sucks, but it beats the hell our of the alternative.

Steve said...

Every damn night. Can just about set the clock. 0230, when I have to get up at 0430 anyway. It sure would be nice to have that youthful ability to sleep for 6 - 8 hours straight. I miss that.