Sunday, January 29, 2017

I have loads to test, including some black for the .45-70,

but not today.  Hopefully this week.

Remember the blow tube?  Found a piece of pvc tubing that just barely fits the chamber, so you can feel when it reaches the throat.  One blow tube without sacrificing a case.  Should work well(yes, I'm cheap; I may still buy one of the commercial tubes, depending on how this works).

In the meantime, I've been watching a bunch of people absolutely lose their shit over the 'muslim ban' order.  Which is a bit entertaining, but also annoying.    More so because I'll bet that a bunch of the people screaming had no problem with Obama letting muslim refugees in without proper vetting, but agreed with them not letting Yazidi and Christian refugees in.

NBC’s Chuck Todd confessed that he and others in the mainstream news media played down just how despised Hillary Clinton was in the heartland due to the fear of appearing “sexist.” 

What’s more, he admitted, the mainstream media failed to “tell the stories of all Americans.”
Yeah.  'failed to tell the stories'.  When you actively ignore and insult people it's not 'failing to tell their story', Todd, it's 'crapping on them for not having the proper beliefs'.

Yeah, they really screwed up.  In more ways than one.
Of perhaps more significant interest, however, is the fact that Keilar and CNN were forced to put the March for Life on the same political footing as the Women’s March on Washington. Equally surprising is the fact that the Women’s March on Washington is already being described as a “liberal women’s march” even by an outlet such as CNN. Instead of being a nonpartisan protest by all women against the tyranny of Trump, all the work and effort put into the Women’s March has been relegated, in the space of less than a week, to a partisan liberal protest that was most prominently associated with Planned Parenthood. All of the supposed moral authority of an entire gender has been wiped aside in favor of a frank and honest acknowledgement that the marchers were merely liberals who were super unhappy with how the election turned out.

The organizers of the Women’s March have no one to blame but themselves for this. As we covered extensively here at TheBlaze, pro-life groups who were opposed to Trump were publicly disinvited from partnership with the Women’s March. Get it? Being opposed to Trump was declared to be publicly insufficient, and adherence to all aspects of liberal orthodoxy was made a point of participation even in protest against Trump. Meanwhile, “sex workers” were happily invited to a prominent place on the dais.

Partly so I don't lose the links, a couple of "Bullshit!" calls on the 'Trump hates muslims!' noise.
Terra Incognita
Legal Insurrection

From Mr. Torgerson, on the left asking for help:

“We know who you are, tonight we will know your faces,” the email threatened those who planned to hear the controversial alt-right provocateur. “The identities of attendees will be released to the public on a list of known Neo-Nazi sympathizers. We do not tolerate fascists.”
Correction: you don't tolerate OTHER fascists.  Or anyone who won't bow down to your desires.

It's nice outside, I think I'll let the dogs check their pee-mail.

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