Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Once again: an awful lot of social workers

need to be hanged.
From the you-can't-make-up-this-crap file, county officials are paying Lynberg & Watkins, a private Southern California law firm specializing in defending cops in excessive force lawsuits, untold sums to claim the social workers couldn't have "clearly" known that dishonesty wasn't acceptable in court and, as a back up, even if they did know, they should enjoy immunity for their misdeeds because they were government employees. 

Let's have an excerpt from the arguments:
Trott: How in the world could a person in the shoes of your clients possibly believe that it was appropriate to use perjury and false evidence in order to impair somebody's liberty interest in the care, custody and control of that person's children? How could they possibly not be on notice that you can't do this?
Lin: I understand.
Trott: How could that possibly be?
Lin: I understand the argument that it seems to be common sense in our ethical, moral . . .
Trott: It's more than common sense. It's statutes that prohibit perjury and submission of false evidence in court cases.
Lin: State statutes.
And on.  And on.  You really need to read it all for the full, shitty flavor of what these bastards did.  And just what kind of garbage the lawyers are trying in the name of helping their clients get away with it.

Also: Why so many people loathe, despise, and flat-out hate lawyers: see Lin above.

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