Friday, January 13, 2017

These people really are insane

Just a week before Donald Trump’s inauguration, the star of upcoming ABC miniseries of When We Rise, Rosie O’Donnell, has revealed a new plan to stop him: martial law.

On Wednesday, Trump’s archenemy O’Donnell urged the President Obama to implement a military government that would suspend all laws in the United States until Trump is cleared from any allegations of involvement with the Russian hacking scandal.
I rather think that any command-level officer who accepted such an order could look forward to being court-martialed and- at the least- thrown out of the service.

Come ON, people, how many of you are stupid enough to actually think this is a good idea?   Any who do, go get your meds checked, because they ain't working.


Phelps said...

Where does she think Obama is going to get the "Martial" part of Martial Law?

Anonymous said...

Exactly how hard are they going to try to start another American Revolution, somewhat unlike the one which took place at the Ballot Boxes ( you know, the one where they discovered that to steal an election, your voter fraud needs to be carried out in states that your "candidate" WASN'T going to carry otherwise - like , good going Detroit!! ) ?

John Repsher said...

I thought advocating a takeover of the government was a federal crime. Why hasn't she been arrested yet?