Saturday, January 14, 2017

Media beware, your credibility is all you have

If they realize that, far too many don't seem to care.

You can hear the brains exploding.

Meanwhile, up in Canada,
The new president of the Calgary Police Association, Les Kaminski — who has spoken out against naming officers charged criminally — potentially faces criminal charges himself, CBC News has learned.

Kaminski is under investigation over allegations of perjury, uttering false documents, obstruction of justice, assault causing bodily harm and bringing false charges.
And just what(among other things) did he do?
During a 2008 traffic stop, Kaminski and other officers arrested Arkinstall. They believed at the time — though it was not true — that Arkinstall was under court-ordered conditions not to leave the province of British Columbia or consume alcohol.

Initially, Arkinstall refused to get out of the vehicle he had been travelling in. Once he did, he opened the door and put his arms up.

"Kaminski grabbed the accused by the arms and threw him like a rag-doll, face first, on to the hood of the Tahoe," said Semenuk in his decision.

"While pulling his arms forcefully behind his back to handcuff him, the accused complained about a shoulder injury and that he was in pain. Kaminski responded by striking the accused forcefully with the baton twice on the back of his neck."
Just bloody wonderful.
"There's a known anti-police sentiment. There's people that want to see us fail for whatever reason," said Kaminski.
Well, Kaminski, asshats like you aren't exactly helping the situation, are you?

A: Lewis took his integrity, wiped his ass with it and then flushed it years ago(see 'Fake accusations, yelling 'Racism!' to try to silence people, etc.).
B: So his whining about Trump not being a legitimate President is just more bullshit.
C: Like all the other leftists screaming "Russians!", he's doing that to distract from the nasty things that came out on the Democrats; that's far easier than dealing with what his clowns actually said and did.

Now this is downright interesting

It’s not that I have an issue, per se, with debates on the margins of a core issue: if you want to argue allowing teachers to carry firearms in schools risks a gun carelessly carried in a purse ending up in the hands of a student, I think we can have that debate. I can even think of arguments about guns in airport terminals that I might not agree with, but that wouldn’t bore me to death. But people like Daniel Ruth aren’t really interested in making actual arguments on the margins, or even rearguing the core debate with fresh arguments. They are only interested in public expressions of their anxiety at having lost.

The Hearing Protection Act has been introduced.  And the usual suspects are crapping their pants, as expected.

The same types who want ranges closed because noise, also don't want you to have any way to quiet your shooting a bit.

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