Wednesday, November 02, 2016


Happy Halloweiner, the night when Anthony Weiner's undead penis rises from its grave to bite Hillary's campaign. The stroking dead is apparently impervious to silver bullets or garlic, and unlike vampires it does show up in photographs, on cell phones across the globe.

Well, isn't this freaking wonderful?
According to German authorities, nearly 1,400 anti-Semitic hate crimes were registered in 2015. German MP Volker Beck had accused the authorities of under-reporting antisemitic crimes in order to hide the real extent of Antisemitism in Germany. Incidents targeting Israel or Israelis are often not counted as anti-Semitic crimes. 

In 2014, when 3 Palestinians were arrested for fire-bombing a synagogue in the Western German city of Wuppertal, the trial court refused to see any antisemitic motives behind the crime and the arsonists walked free from court on probation. The judge regarded the crime merely as an attempt to “call attention” to the Gaza Conflict between Israel and the terrorist outfit Hamas.
Bomb a synagogue, "No big deal."  Damn.

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