Monday, October 31, 2016

We can trust the Justice Dept. and the EffingBI, sure

Senior-level Justice Department officials pushed back heavily on an ongoing FBI investigation of the Clinton Foundation, according to a bombshell report from The Wall Street Journal.
The newspaper laid out numerous examples, based on law enforcement sources, of senior DOJ officials intervening to quash the probe.
That's one part of this.  Now add in this:
FBI agents charged with investigating Hillary Clinton’s private emails server knew for weeks that investigators had discovered potential new evidence against her during a separate investigation, but waited to brief FBI Director James Comey, according to a report from the Washington Post.
Given that the agents knew of the emails for weeks, its not yet clear why they waited so long before telling Comey.
Now I refer you to this a ways down in the first story:
More pushback occurred in August, when a senior DOJ official contacted the FBI’s deputy director, Andrew McCabe, to voice his displeasure that New York field office agents were continuing the investigation even though the DOJ had declined to provide investigative support.

The official was “very pissed off” that the FBI was continuing its efforts, according to The Journal.
McCabe figures prominently in The Journal’s reporting and in the overlapping Clintonworld investigations.

It was revealed last week that McCabe’s wife, Jill, received nearly $470,000 in contributions to a 
Virginia state senate campaign last year from Gov. Terry McAuliffe’s super PAC.

McAuliffe is a close Clinton ally and is the subject of a separate FBI investigation.
Can you say 'At the very least, huge appearance of conflict of interest'?  Now, heard something earlier today, that some agent/s went to Comey and said "We've found this, but we don't have a warrant to get the e-mails."  I didn't catch much, but if that's the case why the hell wouldn't they have gotten a warrant?  Or is it a case of "We asked for one but the upper level didn't get it."  Gee, with the #2 guy at the EffingBI quite possibly compromised, why might that have happened?

I could be wrong, it could have been some simple screwup; I really doubt it.

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