Monday, October 31, 2016

You'll notice that the right of self-defense is not mentioned

in this bullshit.
A human right has to do with something intrinsic to who you are as a human being, and your most basic needs. Healthcare, food, housing, and water are human rights. They are all critical things that human beings need to stay alive. Access to reproductive health services is a human right. The ability to participate freely in society regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, or disability status is a human right. These are things society is supposed to guarantee to us because we are part of society, and these things are integral to our very identities.
Did you notice what is missing? Self-Defense. The most basic right to save our lives, something hardwired in nervous our system, something even animals have.  And Ms. Smith does it on purpose for one simple reason: Admitting one has the unalienable right to defend ourselves also means to have the best tools available to do so and those tools would be guns.
Can't have that, can we?

And one of the prime screams of these people:
Checks on gun ownership, to varying degrees, are perfectly acceptable because, again, owning a gun isn’t a human right, and it’s not a civil right either when its ownership infringes upon the enjoyment of life for other people.
"I have a right for you to never make me uncomfortable, because that infringes on my enjoyment!" 


Anonymous said...

Humans are born then at some unknown time....They die. EVERYTHING else is optional. "Human rights" is a human construct. THERE IS NO RIGHT TO ANYTHING IN NATURE.

Egregious Charles said...

Notice that not only is the right to bear arms missing (and free speech, property, life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness), but there are no rights at all listed? There are only entitlements. There is nothing government must refrain from doing to you, only things the government must provide you. SJWs call these entitlements "positive" rights and natural rights or human rights "negative" rights.