Monday, May 02, 2016

Yes, the 'no-fly' list is bullshit.

Always has been.  Mr. Korwin puts it nicely:
An arbitrary list, with no checks and balances, no functional controls or due process of any kind, will deny our fundamental constitutional civil and human rights. The man currently in the White House is calling for the list. You're insane if you object, he says.

By implication, if you can't buy a gun, you certainly aren't free to possess any of the firearms you already own, right? Someone should come and take all those dangerous guns away from you because they must be contraband. You're too dangerous to own them. How do you get off the list? You have to sue the federal government.

Mr. Obama wants to turn an arbitrary no-fly list run by the government without rules into an arbitrary no-buy list for your fundamental right to keep and bear arms. The gloves are off, the cat is out of the bag, the lie is bald-faced. There are no known parameters for adding people to the list. The Terrorist Screening Center, a secretive FBI branch you can't deal with, runs it.

This is on the same level as the idiots who insist marijuana must be legal "But we have to ban tobacco!"  Vaping helps a lot of people deal with smoking, But...

I have been reminded, in a thread over on Bookface, that communism and socialism will always have apologists, and reminding them of the National Socialists in Germany being socialists really pisses them off.  "Oh no, they were not!" for various bullshit reasons. 

Because being associated with Stalin and Mao and the gulags and Holodomor is no real problem, but Hitler and his camps is.


Jerry The Geek said...

"If you can't be trusted with a gun, you can't be trusted outside without a keeper." It's an old saying, and flawed, but the point is still made.

Liberals think that conservatives (especially those who think it's a good idea to own guns) can't be trusted without a keeper; and they have appointed themselves as keepers. They can't understand why we find this ... objectionable.

Alan Korwin is a great source. Thanks for reminding me of him; I've been going back and reading some of stuff (going back to 2009 so far).

The reason why anti-gunners can't "just get along" with us is because they want to control us .... and we will not be controlled.

Oh well. In the final analysis, we have guns and they don't, so what are they going to do? Shoot us?

Firehand said...

Of course not; they wouldn't get their own hands dirty. They'd order their minions to do it.

Of course, some of them wouldn't, and some who would might have a problem with the consequences.