Friday, May 06, 2016

Why name things this way?

The throttle cable(I thought) on the tiller broke a few days ago, and when I started looking for one ran into a problem: there's not throttle cable listed.  Oh no, you squeeze the throttle and the engine revs, but Honda calls it the 'clutch cable'.  Finally found an actual parts diagram with the listing, and it came in the other day. 

The foot being still swollen and painful, but not as much, I should be able to sit a stool outside in the shade and work on installing it once the grass dries. 

Speaking of foot: I either banged it on something and didn't really notice(quite possible) until things went painful, or- what the doc leans toward- I've got gout of all things.   Either of which makes for all kinds of fun for a while, though an injury would be easier to deal with long-term.

Fun, fun, fun.


Windy Wilson said...

There's a blood test for gout. No sense in cutting out on nutritious foods on a suspicion.

Firehand said...

Right now it's a med to get the swelling down, and blood was taken; supposed to hear the result Monday. I have doubts about it, because from what I've read gout almost always hits fast, and this faded in over about three days. So I'm leaning toward some injury.

Of course, I could be an atypical on it; God knows I have been on other things