Saturday, May 07, 2016

Gun Maintenance by Sound Principles

over at Weaponsman

And that's my contribution to discussion for this morning.  I shall now make my way to the back yard and replace the throttle cable on the tiller.

By the way, if you're in Oklahoma City, and you like Mediterranean food, you might try this place.  Pretty good food.  I've eaten there before, and last night blackmailed daughter into driving("You drive, I'll buy") there for dinner, and it was REAL good.

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Anonymous said...

This "overcleaning" Bull Shit has been around forever. I shoot carbon steel pre-1964 firearms for the most part. If you shoot and don't clean , they rust. Eveything else is the babble of the stupid. "Weaponsman" posted several really stupid things over the years. This is not even his worst. But it is close.--Ray